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PMB Policies 

Photograph and Media Policy

During the course of our season, we will be taking photographs of the children during softball lessons, practice and/or games (such as exhibition games), team photos, outings, and gatherings of any kind.

During registration permission is requested for the use these photos to promote our team and sport. Specifically we ask to legally use, with copyright, the photos for the following: publicity, illustration, advertising, and web, facebook and other social media content.

Please be assured that neither Puslinch Minor Ball, nor its representatives, will reproduce any of the above photographs for any commercial value, or receive monetary gain for use of said photograph. This is simply to promote our sport and recognize our players.

If you do not given your consent (which you can refuse to provide for any reason) a small character's face will be used to cover your child's face to protect their anonymity, but still allow us to photograph the team during games.

Refund Policy

  • Up to March 31, we will provide a full refund less the costs incurred
  • April 1, and after, we will refund up to 50% of the payment less the  costs incurred

Please note that when a child is registered, Puslinch Minor Ball immediately inccurs 3rd party registration fees.
The association also proceeds to purchase t-shirts, jerseys, equipment, and insurance. . After a certain date, it is not possible for Puslinch Minor Ball to recoup these costs.
Consequently, if your child is withdrawn after any of the above items have been purchaced, the cost incurred will be deducted from your refund.

Equipment Policy

Please see our equipment guideline and recommendations to ensure that your child has the appropriate equipment and safety gear, such as helmets, faceguards , gloves, pants, etc.

This is both to protect the hands/legs/arms and head of our players, but also to enhanse the enjoyment of the sport as proper equipment improves the performance and enhances the skills of the players, especially in a sport like minor ball.

Rowan's Law

In Ontario it is the responsibility of the Ball Association, Coaches and Parents to be aware of and practice concusion safety throughout the season. This is known as Rowan's law, named after a young girl who died after concussion related injuries that weren't allowed to fuly heal before she rejoined participating in her sport (Rugby). On the website we have an entire page devoted to Rowan's Law and links to concusion resources made available by the government of Ontario. We respectfully ask that you review the resources and understand what needs to be done to protect your child from concussion injuries ... we all have, and you should too!